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Girls Reading Ticker TapeReading tickers is an easy way to quickly gauge market sentiment. Free stock market tickers are available at several websites including:

Yahoo! Finance Stock Ticker

Google Users - Market browser

Free Stock Ticker

A few of the stock market ticker sources offer customizable tickers for the stocks you’re following which is kind of fun if you have a group of stocks you like to watch.

Additionally, some online brokerages offer a stock ticker for free, so if you have an account with one see if they provide the service.

Don’t forget if you have a television nearby, CNBC provides continuous, real-time stock ticker information during market hours at the bottom of the television screen - even during the commercials (!).


And lastly, if you want an explanation of the information a ticker is giving you, in the example below the details from left to right include:

Ticker TV

    1. Company Name (Ticker Symbol)The company’s name and/or stock trading symbol.
    2. Shares Traded – The number of shares of the last lot or block traded and the abbreviations are as follows: no abbreviation if under 1,000 shares - K = 1,000 shares, M = 1 million shares and B = 1 billion shares.
    3. @ - "at"
    4. Price Traded - The last bid price for the trade being quoted.
    5. Direction Change – The direction of the stock trade higher or lower than the prior day’s close.
    6. Amount of Change - The price difference from the closing price of the prior day.

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