Who's the Principal Warrior
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The Principal Warrior of Stock-Trading-Warrior.com. and author of the book How to Find the Biggest and Best Stock Market Gainers, is Natalie Stetz Tobias. She’s a full-time trader and a stock trading educator. She first became involved in stock trading in 1997 when the company she worked for went public, and she invested in stocks for the first time. Since then, she has become a successful, self-taught stock trader who regularly beats the S&P indices with her stock trading strategies.

In everything she does, Natalie believes in thinking about stock trading differently and challenging stock investing myths to continually seek and find ways to make extremely profitable trades. She does this by understanding how and why stock prices move along with using strong risk management. As a Stock Trading Warrior, she loves developing and sharing stock trading ideas and programs that are profitable.

Natalie is producing a stock alert service, continuing to work on upcoming products including forthcoming ebooks about long-term investor strategies and short-selling strategies.

More About Natalie

I live in one of “The Most Beautiful Places in America”… Sedona, AZ. Having lived in many places across the country, I've finally found a place I love to live because of its beauty. However, one issue with living in a small, remote town is the lack of higher-paying jobs for career-minded people, so the question was - what was I going to do for a living? Something inside of me knew it was time to follow my passion, and being an entrepreneur, I always have ideas!

I’d Always Been an Entrepreneur

At an early age I exhibited the characteristics of an entrepreneur. When I was 8 years old, I lived in Maine, and that summer I decided to pick wild blueberries from a field, fill up some cups, load them into my red wagon and sell them out of the wagon on the side of a country road. That process of developing something out of nothing and sharing it in the form of selling blueberries to people that day started me down the entrepreneurial path.

I find stock trading to be very entrepreneurial. Traders make all kinds of important decisions every day about trading and manage all the other aspects of trading - planning, strategy, risk management and tracking performance. So, if you’re visiting this website that means there’s an aspect of you that’s entrepreneurial too!

I still have that entrepreneurial drive today. Instead of “harvesting” blueberries, I created this website to share with you how I’ve learned trade successfully in the stock market and to feature products and services that I use - that can help you, too.

The Stock Trading Journey

In 1997, the firm I was working for went public and I had an opportunity to purchase shares before the trading went live, so I bought some. When the price took off, I was surprised, and I decided to sell my shares when they registered a 70% profit. After that experience, I wanted to invest the money again and repeat the results. You can probably guess what happened next - I wasn’t as successful. Participating in a stock purchase before it goes public is oftentimes a huge advantage.

After that, I began investing in stocks without any solid plan or strategy. All of the stock movements seemed haphazard. This went on for a few years while I continued to read about investing strategies. After a while, I fell into the “buy and hold” (read: buy and “IGNORE”) rut which rarely serves an investor.

In 2000, my beloved father passed away suddenly and I felt alone, lost and scared. In the back of my mind, I thought that he was the only person that would be there for me if I ever needed support – emotional or financial. I think it’s something that many daughters feel about their fathers on a subconscious level, and I really started to think about my financial future. At the time, I was working an average job, didn’t own my own home, wasn’t married and didn’t have any successful investments to speak of.

At the funeral, a family friend started talking about investing which inspired me to take a new look at investing as a whole. I also shared with this friend my belief that I didn’t have enough money to really do anything, but he said even if I only had $25 a month to put into my trading account, that was enough to start. And, he was right. With one person’s encouragement and the loss I had experienced, I had the motivation I needed.

For the first three years of focused trading, I remember how frustrated I was, but in that frustration was also a challenge. Stock trading can be hard. But, I believed I could find a way to be successful and I have (you can too!).

As the stock trading successes became more frequent, I became convinced of one major thing that I'd like to share with you - there really isn’t a way to make consistent money in the markets unless you use some form of technical indicator to help guide you on how price is moving. You can use any form of fundamental analysis to find stocks, but what will seriously help you to be successful is using technical analysis.

But there's more... if you're new to trading stocks, I want to share with you straightforward information for real success in investing in the stock market and how to protect your precious capital. It's why I built this website, and why I wrote a book about my favorite stock trading strategy.

Why I Created This Website

Getting back to the time before I moved to Sedona, some people weren’t very encouraging about my plans to move. They wondered aloud how I would make ends meet living in a small town. One person even asked what else there was besides snakes and scorpions in Arizona. But, that’s the interesting thing about life. When we listen to our instincts and ask ourselves the right questions, all kinds of wonderful things can happen. For me, it was moving to Sedona, my unwavering determination to find success in stock investing (and finding it), and now, being able to share that information with people like you from all over the world using this website. It’s pretty incredible to me that I can trade stocks, and run this website from practically anywhere.

After working so hard to find stock investing success, I definitely didn't want to have to recreate the wheel to build a website or pay a lot of money for a professional website that reached my audience. I wanted to continue to do the thing I love which is to analyze and trade stocks AND help people to do the same. I was lucky to find a company to partner with that makes it easy for me to focus on what I love and still reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. That company is Site Build It! (You can read

My Site Build It Story here).

I believe anyone can succeed at stock trading or investing. In fact, I've become a little bit single-minded about this idea. Every time I think about what happened to so many investors in 2008, it makes my stomach turn. With that feeling, and what I've learned about the stock markets, I've created this website to give good, solid trading information. Traders and investors need to become Stock Trading Warriors and arm themselves with the right information.

As the website continues to grow, I hope you find information here that makes a difference in how you invest your money. My invitation to you is to sit back, take a look around the site and if you don't find the answer to a question just drop me a note and I'll respond promptly with an answer.


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