Money Management Strategies
An Edge in Online Stock Trading

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Money ManagementMoney management is a huge key to success in online stock trading, so as part of your stock trading system you must have a good way to both avoid risk and become as financially efficient with your trading as possible.

This area may at first seem inconsequential, but it is one of the most important. By watching and controlling the money you have to invest, not only will you protect your capital, you'll also increase your profits.

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself are:

How Much Am I Willing to Risk?
(Risk Management Position Sizing Primer)

How Much Should I Put In Any One Position?
(General Position Sizing Information)

How Can I Reduce Risk by Position Sizing Like a Pro?

How Much Should I Be Paying in Brokerage Fees?

When Should I Sell a Stock?

Should I Use Stop Loss Orders?

You'll frequently hear how every trader needs to have an edge in their trading to be successful. Being in the driver's seat in the area of money and risk management is an easy place to create an edge in your overall stock trading strategy. The great thing about money management is that once you have your "rules" about them you don't have to stress too much and implementing them becomes mechanical in nature.

These four aspects of managing the money in your stock trading portfolio are so important to your long term success. Moreover, the topic that doesn't get enough attention and something that really great traders know is how to handle a stock holding that's losing money or registering a profit.

Like the Knights Templar realized early on in their history, control over financial matters is a large part of what it takes to be really successful. Know that you too, can pick up the valuable risk management habits of a Stock Trading Warrior and make your money work for you.

Move on to the first step in defining your financial management rules by understanding the basics of the risks of loss at Risk Management Position Sizing Primer.

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Options are a great way to help you with money management by hedging or lowering risk to your capital.

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