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Learn Online Trend Trading

According to some of the most successful market wizards, trend trading is the chosen stock market investing method for many of them. But, can trend trading work for you? You bet it can!

What you'll find here at Stock Trading Warrior is how to find stocks that are beginning to trend, including:

  • What to look for
  • When to get into a position
  • When to sell a position

All of the above is found in the following pages and can be done with very little stress on your part.

A large part to learning online trend trading is to remove the guesswork in which of the thousands of stocks to take a position. If a stock is beginning to trend, it will raise a visual flag alerting you that people are interested in it which in turn causes that stock price to go up. There’s no speculating or hoping that someday, somehow people will see the real value of a company and the price will begin to rise rewarding you with a gain. Trend traders trade “what is.”

In a single company stock, a majority of people are either getting in to a stock position, getting out of a stock position or there just isn’t a majority opinion about the stock.

To become a Stock Trading Warrior, follow the three educational sections listed below to learn online trend trading, where you’ll learn the following:

Step 1. Beginning Trend Trading - How Do I Begin to Trend Trade?

This section describes the basics of what you need to know to begin to trend trade successfully.

Step 2. Intermediate Trend Trading

- Now We’re Getting Somewhere!

Section two dives into a solid trend trading strategy - knowledge that will put you way ahead of the average stock market investor with methods to help you to protect your capital, too.

Step 3. Advanced Trend Trading - What Else Ya Got?

This last section gives additional information that you can use to tweak your investing and trend trading skills and create a greater likelihood of success.

You can do this!

Here's how:

Action Steps

1. Read all of the Action Items in Section One – Beginning Trend Trading.

2. Read all of the Action Items in Section Two – Intermediate Trend Trading.

3. Read all of the Action Items in Section Three – Advanced Trend Trading.

4. Open a discount online broker account so you can place trades. Take a look at the online broker I use which is TradeKing.com ().

5. Watch my video, “What Makes a Stock Go Up?”

6. Begin reading stock market books recommended in my Stock Trading Warrior Store.

Taking the above steps will give you the ability to become a skilled trader and investor and make money on your investments.

Ready to begin? Start on Section One - Beginning Trend Trading.

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