My Site Build It Story

My Site Build It story starts here... As I mentioned in the “About Me” page, I spent many years determined to find a way to successfully invest in the stock market. After 15 years of massive amounts of study, real-life experience and finally, real success, what I wanted to do was tell the whole world how they can do it too! But, how in the world was I going to do that? And, do it well?

A website would be a good platform, but I figured it was it was probably going to cost me a lot of money or a lot of time to get the kind of website results I wanted. It sounded like a big, time-consuming project, and I didn’t want to spend my time becoming a website-building expert. I want to continue to follow my passion since I’d finally found it and spend my time doing what I love which is analyze, pick and trade stocks and also, share how to do that successfully with you. What I needed was a partner to help me build a successful website.

Start a Solo Build It! website now!

If you’re like me, you may have had an experience building a website before. I hired a custom website designer a few years ago to help me build a website for my “B” job (my other job). It cost me around $750 for the initial design, but I basically designed the site myself because the “custom” site was really only a template with my information in it. Any changes after the initial design cost me at an hourly rate. Then, I was charged $39.95 a month for hosting the website!

I remember the experience as being a lot of work and not feeling like a satisfied customer. I’m a bit of a toughie – I like the “underpromise, overdeliver” concept and in that situation, I was left wanting. So, as you can imagine, there was part of me that wasn’t really excited about the actual building of the Stock Trading Warrior website, but I knew that if I wanted to reach people I would need a website.

Grudgingly, I decided I should start doing some research on the internet around building a website. I wanted a high-quality, professional site but I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it nor have to reinvent the wheel. A business called Solo Build It! came up. But, it didn’t come up on a search for web designers; it came up on a personal development website. The creator of the site is someone I admire for his truthfulness and who had built trust with me. He was recommending Solo Build It! for a long list of reasons. He had been a game designer and clearly someone who knew about building his own successful website which now reaches hundreds of thousands of people a day, and he sounded genuinely impressed with Solo Build It. He sounded particularly impressed by the reproducible model that Solo Build It offers.

After reading his Solo Build It review and other reviews I began to understand that I would need more than just a design and a host to make my website successful. This is even more true because along with sharing important stock market investing information for free, I wanted to earn an income from my passion using the Stock Trading Warrior website.

One interesting thing about Solo Build It! is the price point. At $299 per year, which is dramatically less than my prior expense, it seemed I would get so much more for the money.

As I did more research, I was intrigued by the good things people were saying about Solo Build It. The people using the system seemed awfully happy – almost too happy, but Solo Build It came with a 30-day money back guarantee. Having had the previous website building experience, I didn’t think the $299 a year was a lot for a website. (Since I signed up, there’s an option to pay $29 a month rather than the full $299.) Knowing I had a month to check it out, I went for it.

What I found after joining, is an action guide that’s a 10-day guide for building a website. It’s not just a guide for building a website, but a step-by-step, complete guide to the right way to build a successful website from the very beginning and one that gets noticed.

Start a Solo Build It! website now!

Here are the valuable aspects of the Solo Build It! process I found in the Action Guide:

  • A big picture view of the process
  • How to pick a great website concept and potentially a “winnable” audience
  • How to develop a user-friendly website structure
  • Creating a good look and feel for my website
  • Step-by-step instructions for building my very first webpage – the home page – and subsequent pages, including pictures or other graphics
  • An understanding that if, down the road, I want to upload my own html and design I can do that easily
  • How to get my website in front of people and create interest (build traffic, build links)
  • How to earn income from the website
  • Other technical and business building options (blogging, forms, e-newsletters and publishing reader comments)

Since signing up in November 2009, I have continued to be impressed with Solo Build It! I call it a mni-Master’s Degree that suites my pace, has explanations if I want them and a fantastic forum with tons of effective tips and “how tos.” It’s affirming to see that it’s impressive to others besides just myself because The Solo Build It process is now being taught in colleges and universities to teach business students how to build a successful online business.

This is my Solo Build It story. If you think Solo Build It sounds interesting and could help you expand your business or idea, you can watch a video tour that gives more details about what Solo Build It! has to offer. If you have specific questions about Solo Build It you can click here to get them answered.

I've written another page continuing My Solo Build It Story that goes on to further review and talk about what I think are impressive, real-life results. You'll find that at My Site Build It Review and Results.

Best wishes on your internet journey.

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Start a Solo Build It! website now!

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