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for Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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Stock Market Trend

On the long side, buy:

1. Buy Home Depot, Inc. (HD) between $135.00-$137.00. Annual dividend of 2.07%.*

2. Buy Intel, Corp. (INTC) $36.00-$37.00. Annual dividend of 2.91%.*

3. Buy Verizon Communications (VZ) between $52.50-$53.00. Annual dividend of 4.49%.*

4. Buy Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) between $62.50-$64.00. Annual dividend of 2.52%.*

5. Buy Apple, Inc. (AAPL) between $115.50-$117.00. Annual dividend of 2.05%.*

6. Buy International Business Machines (IBM) between $167.00-$169.00. Annual dividend of 3.36%.*

* Remember to always have a stop loss order on open positions to protect capital. Additionally, remember that if you short a stock you may be required to pay that stock's dividend.

Stocks are listed in order of which one to purchase before another. If you only have enough money in your portfolio for one position, put in a buy order for the #1 pick. Additionally, it is not advised to purchase more than one or two positions per day. This practice further helps to reduce risk.

The picks are recommended in alignment with market action and individual stock trend and have a "buy window" so as not to buy after a stock price has moved too significantly.

The nice thing about the DOW stocks is that that they are some of the largest companies and aren't usually super volatile. So for the conservative or beginner investor, DOW Jones Industrial stocks are ideal.

Positions were usually held for several months up to a year, unless a position moved negatively right after purchase.

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