My Site Build It Review
and Results

My Site Build It Review picks up from My Site Build It Story, where I talk about wanting access to building a website that would be a somewhat easy process. But, it wasn’t just ease that I wanted because there are plenty of places that offer up websites. The difference was that I wanted real results, as I’m sure you do too. For me, results meant good traffic flow, a website that ranked and if I wanted to earn an income from the website, I could.

For the cost of $299 a year for Site Build It, I’ve created an effective website that’s getting me the results I want.

Look and Feel

First, I think my website looks professional and is organized well without too much brain damage on my part. It was easy to put together a look and feel that is professional in appearance – one that friends and family are impressed with. When they ask how I did such a professional-looking job, I know that I made the right decision going with Site Build It. There are more bells and whistles that are possible to apply to the site, but for now I think it looks great and it’s easy for visitors to use. The SBI process was simple to follow, and I’m very happy with my results so far.

When I started building my site I looked at other good looking SBIer’s websites so it was easy to incorporate those elements I like within this website.


I was also happy to find other available tools that I don’t have to pay extra for - like a newsletter feature with sign up boxes (like in the upper left hand corner of this page) to receive it which include auto responders, an option for visitor comments, forms for visitors to write in questions or perspectives, setups for blog entries, buttons for RRS/FaceBook/Twitter and so much more! All of this comes with explanations of what things are and how to use them. Before I signed up with Site Build It, I didn’t even know I needed access to some of these things! It’s been great to feel my SBI membership wasn’t lacking in any important tools.


You’re probably familiar with the fact that traffic is how many unique visitors are coming to your website. I found that Site Build It! excels at sharing a large variety of methods for building traffic. Each time I take action to build traffic, I see a direct result.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to build traffic is by writing webpages on investing topics that people want to read about not just what I think people want to read. Site Build It! has given me the tools to find the topics my audience wants with effective methods to get those pages noticed. I have just under 100 pages up and running, but I’m a slow writer. Other SBIers have hundreds, even thousands of webpages that capture readers’ attention!

My first year of traffic increased steadily which is understandable because I was starting from scratch. The second year traffic figure increased 70% over the first year and it’s 40% higher this year so far (April 2012). I’m pleased with my traffic for the number of webpages I have up. Building traffic levels takes time but if you are passionate about your topic as I am about mine, building a site about it will be an enjoyable experience.

For me, the SBI! process is similar to investing in the stock market. Instant profits would be great, but that’s really not how this works and anyone who says it does work that way is misleading you. The reality is that both stock investing and building a website are systems where you put the right building blocks in place to achieve your goals. I like that.

Whatever your interest is, you can bet other people want to know about it too. If you add your own unique perspective and personality to your website, it will attract traffic that keeps coming back. It’s true you can build a website using Wordpress, GoDaddy or other service for free, but if you want traffic, you need a strategy for building it. Site Build It! gave me a plan for building a website that gets traffic. Interestingly, they have also done statistical research on how SBI! compares to WordPress.

Website Rankings

Website rankings are complied by various companies, but is the main source for ranking information. To put website rankings in perspective, every website of the approximately 100 million active websites on the internet is ranked numerically. Ranking is important. It gives you a sense of whether your site is popular or not compared to the millions of websites on the internet. For example, here are the top websites on the internet:

Site Build It Review

If you see your site moving up in rankings – that’s a good thing! Personally, I’ve been very happy seeing my rankings move up steadily from a ranking of over 2 million in February 2012 to under 1 million on April 2, 2012 – and continues to move up– today the website’s ranking is 700,462 (April 26, 2012). This means this website is ranked in the top 7% of all websites for popularity.

This isn’t because I spend all day working on the site, it’s because I’ve followed the SBI! reproducible model for traffic and rankings. Solo Build It! guided me to picking the right site concept to start with, how to pick great, in-demand keywords, understand how to build the right kind of back links, and other methods of effective page optimization which is getting my website ranking to steadily move up.

My goal is to be in the top 1-2% of rankings by the end of this year - like many other Solo Build It! users already are. The SBI! ranking results are updated frequently, but the ranking numbers do move around each day so they won’t be exactly the same if you preview the sites listed individually.


Once I got my traffic increasing and began to continuously improve my ranking, I started to see some income.

You may wonder what kind of money you can make from a website and it really depends. If you have a client list already, the website will simply offer your products and assist with your sales. If you have a brick and mortar business then the website is an excellent marketing tool to get people excited about your products and provide basic information about your business. Additionally, if you can sell your onsite retail products online then it becomes an additional “store” to sell those items.

If you don’t have a current business or product to sell, the good news is you can still earn income from your website. Actually, there are quite a few ways. Consider the following areas for which to earn income:

  • Google Adsense*
  • Individual Ads
  • Amazon (books, products, etc)*
  • Services (affiliates)*
  • Products (affiliates)*
  • Ebooks – You sell information by writing a book*
  • Products you develop
  • Services you develop

* Currently up and running on this website.

The way I look at monetization is one of a building block system that will grow over time, and how much effort I put into building the website is what will enhance my monetization efforts. Recently, my results have been steadily increasing each month. At this point, I make enough to pay one or two small bills a month. My ebook sales are steady, Google AdSense income is going up each month as the traffic increases and there are regular affiliate sales of programs or services that I choose because I know they can really help people.

Other SBIers are members of the $5,000 a month club. There’s a popular thread in the forum where these folks share their experience and knowledge. How they do it varies from those who earn a commission from selling expensive products to those who earn that much from Google AdSense and affiliate products because their traffic is high.

To better understand how the SBI! monetization model of a website works visit CTPM.

In conclusion, I’ve been happy with the results I’ve been able to achieve using Solo Build It. All in all, the results are exciting.

If you have any questions about what Solo Build It can do for you Click here to get all of your questions answered.

Maybe you'd like a video tour of Solo Build It to see if it looks good to you. Or, maybe you’re ready to sign up for Solo Build It!

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