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Stock Trading Information

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There are many really good places to find free stock trading information to help to improve your stock trading skills or find all the free stock research information that you need.

The ways I’m going to suggest to you may take you through some of the basics of stock trading that you are already familiar with, but each time you learn something new, you open yourself up to capturing something fresh to apply to your trading strategy. What you’re aiming for is the accumulation of all those golden nuggets.

One of the great things is that all of the ways I’m going to suggest to you to improve your trading are free. All of them except one. Actual trading!

Free Sources of Stock Trading Information

  • Stock Brokers Futures Bonds Directory - A directory for information on stock brokers, quotes, futures, bonds, funds and online trading and investments.
  • Public library – Lots of library systems are getting linked up with other libraries and with college libraries which greatly enhances the amount of free stock trading information and free stock research available to you - via hard copy books or ebooks. You'll also receive free concierge service via the librarian.
  • Netlibrary.com – some library systems offer free access to netlibrary.com which offers good trading books online.
  • Webinars – Free webinars are offered by brokerages like TDAmeritrade and other private groups trying to sell trading products but that are also willing to share free content.
  • Internet research – I always cringe when I hear someone bash the internet. This is such a massive tool for knowledge that it’s hard to believe anyone would knock it. Just type in any term and that information is at your fingertips – literally. The only problem with searching for stock trading information online is that you may have to cull through a few sites that are trying to sell you something. Otherwise, most of the time you can find free stock trading information or free stock research for which you’re looking.
  • Investopedia.com – A great website for definitions. Always scroll down and look for the extremely well-done articles further describing the application of the term.
  • Free magazine subscriptions – Some time ago I received an invitation for a free subscription to a stock trading magazine – SFO. I thought to myself “nothing is free,” but what the heck? It’s been a couple of years and I’m still getting it. Even if SFO is no longer offered as a trial subscription, you can ask for it as a birthday or Christmas gift. It’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long.
  • Investment clubs – A place to mingle with other traders and investors and listen to other kinds of strategies.
  • Stock trading forums – Great place for lurking around and seeing what people are doing.
  • Trading or investing expos – A place to connect with other traders and a terrific place to learn something new. This is a hugely rewarding experience. Being around other traders will give you a sense of traders’ styles and personalities. I find other stock traders to be a good bunch of people, with high intellect and curiosity. There are free seminars as well as some you have to pay for, and you can mix and match what sounds interesting to you. There are also booths with various products to browse.

One thing to note is that if you have a strategy system that is working for you and is successful more often than not, you don't need to change your trading plan just because you heard or read something new. Changing your rules can go against you if you keep changing them around too frequently. The trick is to have in your mind that you're looking to add aspects to your investing that increases the probability that you will be successful.

For example, if you read about a new technical indicator that sounds interesting, you can add it to your charts to see if it confirms anything that you're thinking and assists you in some way. Or, you may pick up a money management strategy that lowers risk.

Additionally, you can always paper trade (no real money invested - just a watch portfolio) to test out a new strategy if you believe it has merit.

And lastly, providing sources for free stock trading information does not mean money spent on stock trading education is a waste. It is not. Just make sure that someone is not promising you something unrealistic or charging an ungodly amount of money.

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