Stock Trading Philosophy

One-on-one stock trading coaching is available with me, Natalie Stetz Tobias. On this page, I'll tell you a bit about my trading philosophy and why I'm a stock trading coach.

First and foremost, I'm a stock trader that has beaten the S&P for the last four years, and I do it without stress.

Every day, I analyze stock setups and if market conditions are right and the setup is there, I trade. This typically takes me less than 30 minutes a day. The reason I'm successful and spend so little time is because I have a stock trading plan. Before any trading takes place, I know what my strategy is, I know what I'm looking for and I have rules in place for buying and selling - which includes always having a stop loss for every position. Once I activate a position, I can walk away and let what will happen - happen. I don't stress or worry, because I've limited my risk for loss. I know I've used a strategy that has the highest probability for success and fits into my trading philosophy which has been developed over 14 years of hands-on experience.

You can have a plan that builds confidence, peace of mind and performance, too and I'd like to help you do so.

My trading plan doesn't include making trades everyday as I think over trading erodes capital. I have a super easy way to stay in tune with market movement so I know when to trade and in what direction. When I do trade, most of my trades are held for several weeks to several months - as long as the stock is trending. Otherwise, if the trade is unsuccessful, the stop loss is triggered, I'm out of an unsuccessful position and my capital is preserved.

Each weekend, I spend a bit of time analyzing completed trades, tracking my progress and regularly assessing market and trading conditions.

Additionally, my philosophy is to trade the market signals as they're appearing today without trying to predict what might happen. I call it, "trading what is." This isn't reactionary trading, but using market signals to pause on taking trades, or to be action. This has been particularly helpful when the markets have tanked - to protect gains and capital and to enjoy profits from short selling. I want others to know how to do this too.

Interestingly, I also don't necessarily care what a company does though I do avoid companies with businesses that I know and consider to be morally distasteful. But outside of that, I have a few statistical parameters to weed out weakly-moving stocks and then I look for the candidates that can really move in the direction the market indices are moving. I'm a bottom-line kinda girl. However, if your trading philosophy includes company financials that's easy to incorporate because it's the technical "go" signal that will really boost your results.

In fact, these philosophies can work extremely well alone or combined with a fundamental methodology. Meaning, for example, if you love growth-oriented stocks and want to increase your gains by adding directional market signals and trend spotting, I can help you develop a fully actionable and successful stock trading plan.

Stock Trading Warrior is here to pound tables, scream from atop mountains and be completely zealous when it comes to buying a stock that doesn't have any technical reason to buy into it. If you're not using a technical indicator to help make buying decisions then you're not giving yourself the best opportunity for investing success.

If you think you're interested in working with me as a stock trading coach, please contact me at Stock Trading Warrior to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation to see if one of these coaching programs will work for you to enhance your stock trading.