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Who wants to spend hours reading balance sheets, profit/loss statements, etc. searching for fundamentally sound companies to invest in when you can use a quick and efficient stock market screener? Unless you like reading financial documents, there’s a faster and easier way.

A stock screener is a terrific, easy-to-use, time saving instrument. If you don’t already use one, a screener is a software program that you plug fundamental parameters into like earnings, P/E ratio, profit margins, etc. Within a few seconds it screens out all the candidates that don’t make the grade giving you a list of stock trading candidates that fit your criteria.

MeasureYou may be wondering how is a screener different from a scanner? They are sort of the same thing except you will usually see a stock market screener used for fundamental elements of a stock while a scanner is usually associated with technical elements.

There really are some very good free fundamental stock scanners out there. You know, the kind that seems too good to be true.

Most of the major financial pages offer some kind of pre-programmed stock screener, but there are some customizable sites with a little something special. So who has the good free screeners?

  • – Wow, FINVIZ has a dynamite free screener, providing varying presentations of the stocks that are returned including charts. Did I say wow? Extremely user-friendly. Just click on the tab at the top labeled "Screener" to screen or review the predefined screens on the home page. also has a subscription service with real time information and customizable, interactive charting.
  • Measure

  • Yahoo Finance – Offers a free, downloadable software to screen for fundamentals. Downloads software to your computer. Works great, but right or wrong, I’d prefer to use the juice from somebody else’s machine to run screener software.
  • Your online broker should also provide some kind of comprehensive fundamental stock market screener. Free? Well, sort of – to use it you don’t have to pay any additional fees than the ones you’re already paying.
  • Most other financial pages have some kind of screener, however, many of those are preprogrammed or limited in criteria.

After you get a list of potential stock trading candidates from a screener and before you purchase any stocks, it’s good to determine market direction, know how to read a chart or to have decided how much of your portfolio you’re going to invest in any one stock?

Using a stock market screener is one of several ways to find the best stocks to buy.

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